Pentair 011013 IntelliFlo VS 3050 High-Performance Pool Pump

Unless you are willing to clean your pool manually, you will need a good quality pool pump. However, before you go out and buy one, you should take the time to research and find the best pump for your needs. For many users, the Pentair 011013 IntelliFlo VS 3050 High-Performance Pool Pump happens to be the number one choice. This revolutionary pump is available in an attractive almond color and is considered to be a high-end option.

Choosing a Pool Pump

There are certain things to consider before deciding on a particular pool pump model. You must consider the size of your pool and the horsepower you will need on your pump to get the water moving through your filter. The pool pump´s motor should be able to move the water fast enough to keep your filter, skimmer and other equipment working properly.

Most pool pumps operate at one or two speeds. The speed is usually set near the maximum setting when cleaning and maintaining the pool.

The Pentair VS 3050

With the Pentair IntelliFlo VS 3050, the pump can be programmed for four different speeds that are ideal for pool, spa or water feature applications. Digital controls allow the user to program the ideal pump speeds for filtering, cleaning, heating, spa jets and waterfalls. To save on energy, the pump can be set for the minimum speed required for a certain task.

Thus, the pump works less and saves on energy. You can adjust the pump speed easily by pushing the controller´s up or down arrow button. The IntelliFlo system self-adjusts to maintain optimal flow rates. This results in more energy savings. The Pentair VS 3050 can help you save up to 40% on energy costs.

Advantages of the Pentair IntelliFlo VS 3050

  • Four speed settings to choose from. The VS 3050´s variable speed technology allows you to choose the best speed setting for your pool pump. The setting can range from 400 to 3450 RPM. When coupled with the optional ComPool System, you can adjust the speed in increments of 10 RPM.
  • Energy savings. Because you have the option to use the least amount of energy possible, you can save money on energy costs. Typically, you will be able to save 30% to 40% on electricity.
  • Customize water features. By increasing or decreasing the water flow, you can change the flow of a waterfall or the height of a fountain.  Sights and sounds around your pool can be varied.
  • Longer pump service life. Operating the pump at optimum speeds can dramatically increase the service life of your pump. Parts won’t wear out as quickly because the swimming pool pump only operates at the minimum speed required.


Right now the Pentair VS 3050 is in a class of its own. No other pool pump model comes close when it comes to the Pentair´s superior and innovative features. The biggest drawback to this pump is its high price.

The Bottom Line

The Pentair IntelliFlo VS 3050 is a top of the line pool pump that can provide the exact amount of pumping power that you need. Reviewers consistently give this product the highest ratings. One of best things about the Pentair is its energy saving feature. This pump is clearly more energy efficient that a lot of other pumps.

The VS 3050 is easy to install and operates very quietly. Most of the time all you can hear is the cooling fan and the sound of water running through the pipes. It is a high quality pump that will provide trouble free service for years to come.